We invite you to take part in the collection of electro-waste

Dear Sir or Madam,

On May 17-18, 2018, we invite you to take part in the collection of electro-waste in the action "DISPOSE YOUR RELIABLE KILOWATY" IN A SUMMER PURPOSE!

The BYŚ company responsible for waste disposal is responsible for the collection of electrowaste.

What we collect?

In our campaign, we will collect:

- used electrical and electronic equipment, especially computers, telephones, televisions, audio equipment and other similar equipment powered by electricity or electric batteries.
- batteries and accumulators, but in specially supplied containers.

Please refer to the attachment The list of electrowaste for disposal, which provides more detailed information on the collected items.

The collected electrowaste will be recycled.

Light sources (bulbs, fluorescent lamps) are not covered by the action.
Please do not throw in any other types of waste like waste paper or plastic.

Container 1100l beaver will be placed at the entrance to the garbage at (-1) in the garage of the FOCUS building.

If you plan to bring large-size equipment, we would be grateful for previous information. We will be able to order appropriate containers.

If you need confirmation of the transfer of waste, I kindly ask you to provide the property manager by May 15, a statement of the fixed assets transferred (Annex Data to KPO). On its basis, the company will prepare a report for accounting purposes.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We encourage you to promote an electro-fence among your employees.

In accordance with the idea of ​​the shares being continued for several years, the income from the utilization of collected items and recovered raw materials will be transferred to charity.

This year, we will again support the Educational and Educational Center at the Association "Alliance - Pisz Land" in Pisz, which provides interdisciplinary assistance to the most severely disabled children and youth. The center continues its expansion and needs money for the construction and furnishing of rooms and offices for work with charges.

Last year, PLN 22 275 went to the Center. This amount consisted of funds from recovered raw materials from almost 11 tons of electro-waste collected. We hope that this year, with your help, we will be able to increase this result and thus the amount of financial aid for children and youth from Pisz.

Directions / Contact

Armii Ludowej 26, 00-609 Warszawa

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